Reedus 3M

Artist and Producer based in Boston, MA

Massachusetts based artist and producer Reedus 3M was born in Boston and moved to Westwood, Massachusetts when he was in the 5th grade. Growing up in the late 1990’s and early 2000’s his influences have a deep range. Naming rap artists Cousin Stizz and J. Cole along with Al Green and Bill Withers, the diversity in his influences allow him to be more creative with his music. Being someone who is in music because they truly love it, Reedus 3M says that he likes to work with artists who have a clear vision. Being compatible with who you are working with is very important and Reedus 3M believes that confidence is key when creating a track. Coming from Boston some of his favorite artists who he’s worked with are Ota Le and Chizz Capo. The release of his debut project in 2018 “Late Bloomer” consists of 10 tracks which are all produced by himself and include his own vocals. With the release of that project his breakthrough song “Dirty” came from it. Gaining attention from the established blog Music On The Dot this song “Dirty” also got some radio time. Having a passion for all his music, “Perspectives” is the song which he is most proud of. With his standout voice, impressive delivery and meaningful lyrics it’s not too long before Reedus 3M is at the top of the charts. Creating music from himself and for his supporters he puts so much passion into what he does. While he has been quiet for most of 2020 the future looks bright for this talented artist. – Cameron Robinson