Reedus 3m

Rap and Hip Hop Artist and Producer

Reedus 3m is rap artist and producer based in Boston, MA. Reedus 3m, has been  very active in the Massachusetts rap and hip hop scene this past year. On the heels of his break out single "Never Again" in July 2022 and the subsequent release of records like "The Message" and "Forever", Reedus is determined to show the world he is here to stay.

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Life is fleeting, before you know it you've grown so much you can sometimes catch yourself thinking about where all the time went. "Myself' is a self- reflecting, self-produced track where  Reedus dives in to deep reflection about his experiences in life and how they have shaped the person he has become today. Reedus invites you to listen to his plight and the steps he took to overcome these trials and tribulations. He wants to use his experiences to show the younger generation a better path to take in their life.



Reminiscent of a Kota The Friend type vibe, ‘The Message’ has you slowly bopping your head back and forth as you find yourself very carefully listening to each bar of the pronounced and powerful enunciation that Reedus 3m delivers his verses with. - via Find No Enemy. Link:

 Reedus 3m has released a new track called “Forever,” a record that gives the listener everything to keep us vibing without limits. The unique song structure works to perfection to let the music shines in its creativity, while also being ultra relatable in the substance, and providing all the vibes in the sound to make a supreme quality of work worth getting invested in. - Natalie Patrick via Landon Buford. Link:

Rapper/songwriter Reedus 3m shares the new single “Forever” which sees him musing on his journey thus far. Over a bouncy and sombre backdrop, he delivers with an impassioned demeanor filled with insightful and relatable lyrics that everyone can relate to. - Tayo Odutola via Word is Bond. Link:

Reedus 3M recently released his single, "Forever," and it's a nice change from today's oversaturated underground. He displays his gift for lyricism and walks his audience down memory lane of a time he thought he and a significant other would last forever, hence the title. As they learn in the first seconds, the relationship ends, but instead of being upset about the situation, Reedus 3M chose to use the alone time to self-improve. By doing so, he became a better person, not for himself but his next partner. Nowadays, underground rappers aren't teaching their audience any lessons, but Reedus 3M does that and does it well with his impeccable storytelling. - Owen Myers via Token Society. Link:


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